King For A Day   Album Of The Year
Faith No More

King For A Day

Stripsearch-Polskie tłumaczenie

It's over today
The heat is gone
Time is gone
F for fake
I feel no wrong
Hide no wrong
I love this place
The lights....
Under this face
So dry....
Only way to change
Give yourself away
Don't be ashamed
Next in line; close one eye
Just walk by
In these days
I'm breathing stone, crying alone
I'll win this race
I'll leave alone, arrive alone
Love this place, the lights...
Under this face, so dry...
Stripped to the bone
I did no wrong
Truth is my name
Give yourself away

EVIDENCE-Polskie tłumaczenie

If you want to open the hole
Just put your head down and go
Step beside the piece of circumstance
Got to wash away the taste of evidence
Wash it away (evidence)
I didn't feel a thing
It didn't mean a thing
Look in the eye and testify
I didn't feel a thing
Anything you say, we know you're guilty
Hands above your head, you won't even feel me
You won't feel me (evidence)

KING FOR A DAY-Polskie tłumaczenie
It is not a good day, if you are not
looking good
This is the best party that I've ever been to
Today I asked for a god to pour some
wine in my eyes
Today I asked for someone to shake some
salt on my life
Everything is spinning
(We're on the ground)
Never cheer before you know who's winning
(Don't make a sound)
Sniff the glass and let it roll around
on your tongue
Let me introduce you to someone before the
party is done
Someone to look to in need or in want
or in war
If you give him everything, he may
give you even more
This is the best party I've ever been to
Don't let me die with that silly look
in my eyes

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